Kneat Application Overview

Kneat Gx creates intelligent data driven documents enabling dynamic change management for the lifecycle of products, equipment and facilities.

Kneat Gx can be applied to any process described by a set of documents, where information is shared across documents and compliance and data integrity are critical.

Kneatā€™s technology involves a best-of-both-worlds data-centric/document-centric hybrid approach allowing users to define documents with ease and complete flexibility that link to a well structured, controlled and traceable underlying data model.


This technology allows for:

  • Controlled sharing of content and data amongst documents
  • Controlled concurrent access to documents and the data displayed
  • Impact assessment across a set of documents on change of data
  • Control and accountability of change to data
  • Automatic updating of sets of documents based on approved data change
  • Immediate leveraging of previous work via templates and models

This technology provides enormous and tangible benefits to any organisation requiring data to be shared consistently amongst documents, particularly regulated industries.

The Kneat Gx Quality by Design approach provides end users with higher quality at lower cost.


Durga Prasad
GMP Specialist

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