A Lean and Compliant Validation Process

  • Requirements Management & Traceability
  • Risk Assessments
  • Collaborative On-line Document Authoring
  • Auto-generate Test Protocols
  • Document/Forms Review & Approval
  • Online Test Execution – Deviation Management
  • Macro and Micro Real Time Reporting
  • Paperless Validation Solution

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  • Compliance – On Duty 24/7

    Kneat is built from the ground up with regulatory compliance as its key goal. Kneat enables you to incorporate regulatory rules, corporate policies and best practice into a structured, flexible and repeatable process. By doing so it enables compliance in real time as people do their work and at audit time all records are instantly available from any location.

  • Embed Lean Methodologies

    Kneat eliminates waste associated with manual paper processes by 50% – achieved through streamlining and automation. The value addition becomes even more compelling when we examine intangibles such as reduction in start up schedules, greater product throughput, less product rework, reduced time in getting to peak performance and not least the mitigation of Compliance risks.

  • Online Execution

    In Kneat’s web based central repository you can auto-generate, review, approve and manage your documents. Once approved, you can execute testing online and documents are never checked out of the system. Kneat’s online testing capability removes all of the issues such as missing protocols, missing test evidence, unverifiable test results, record ambiguity, inconsistent documentation etc.

  • Requirements Management

    Management of requirements is critical to the success of any project. Our solution is designed to capture and manage all information associated with a requirement throughout its full life cycle. Kneat also auto-generates the associated document deliverables such as Traceability Matrix, Risk Assessment, Requirement Test Scripts etc.

  • Data Integrity and Availability

    With Kneat it is not possible to falsify signatures/time stamps or misplace records/protocols. All document versions are instantly available from anywhere and are audit ready in real time. Kneat provides a full independent audit trail and instant visibility into your process from any location.

  • Risk Management

    Quantifying Risk, developing Mitigating Strategies and communicating these throughout your organization can add huge business value in the form of greater quality and lower cost. Kneat allows you to quickly recreate your current Risk Management methodology making it centrally controlled, secure and collaborative. All outputs can be communicated to stakeholders instantly.

Kneat Allows You To

  • Streamline and Automate your Process
  • Embed Best Practices and Lean Principles
  • Standardise Across the Organization
  • Improve Right First Time
  • Leverage work done across your Company
  • Remove Paper

Business Value

  • Greater Compliance
  • Reduced Costs
  • Reduced Schedules
  • Audit Ready
  • Improved Performance
  • Enhanced Reputation

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“All validation documentation can be handled electronically completely removing the headache around the management of paper processes.”

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