A Superior Business Process

Do you want to drive compliance and faster throughput in Validation Maintenance or do you want to improve the quality and speed of your Project Delivery process.

Kneat Gx is the leader in complex business process modeling, allowing you to streamline and automate any data and document intensive business process.

Kneat Validation ™

  • Flexible Platform

    Any of your current processes can be quickly recreated on the platform. No process re-engineering. Just become streamlined, automated, paperless and transparent.

    Kneat Gx can be configured by anyone with minimal training instead of relying on costly system specialists.

  • Real Time Collaboration

    Kneat is a real time global application allowing dispersed teams from inside and outside (if required) the organization to achieve their goals.

    All approved users whether they are within or outside your firewall can participate in your process in real time from any place.

  • Global Visibility

    You can see operators entering data into a batch record or instantly see a real time exception report for any batch processing across your organization.

    You can see all contractors entering data into test packs or instantly see a list of deviations associated with FAT, RV, Walk Downs, IQ, OQ etc.

  • Leveraging of Work


    Kneat Gx allows you to leverage work done across your organization. It does this in a structured intuitive way where all tracks and links between the data and documents are maintained.

    Part or all of full processes can be cloned over and over delivering unprecedented efficiency and RFT.

  • Compliance

    Whether you are working in a GMP or GEP environment, Kneat ensures that good practice is achieved in real time as the work progresses.

    This ensures compliance in real time and audit readiness at the press of a button from any PC.

  • Data Integrity and Security

    Approved data is always protected and cannot be changed without implementing change control which is built into the system.

    A single version of the truth and controlled secure access are integral to the system. Kneat has all of the controls to be compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 and Annex 11.

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