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We have worked for many years in Manufacturing, QA, Engineering, IT, Validation, and Maintenance within Life Sciences. We have lived in your world and we have experienced your challenges first hand. It is this experience which drove us to design and develop the Kneat flexible Software Platform which allows you to electronically recreate your regulated business processes. We take great pride in our Knowledge of your industry, the global regulations governing it and the compliant solutions we have created for it.

Kneat’s support services reinforce the strength of our products, helping you attain and maintain optimal success. Our professional Services Team is available to support you throughout the full lifecycle from pre-sale through to deployment and after sale support. We ensure the successful deployment of our solutions, and help your organization to continuously achieve the maximum return on your investment.

Kneat’s customer support policy, Reference KQMS-POL-015 is comprehensive and details how we fulfil our obligation to ensure you get maximum benefit from your relationship with Kneat and the use of our products.

If you do not already have a copy of our customer support policy please request a copy from your account manager.

It is the policy at Kneat Solutions that the company provides an exceptional level of customer support, prior to, during and after sales, that exceeds your expectations and maximises the user’s experience.

Providing such support to customers in compliance with ISO9001:2008 involves various aspects of the standard including arrangements for communications with customers (Section 7.2.3), gathering and analysing data from customers (Section 8.4), implementing and managing corrective actions based on customer complaints (Section 8.5.2) and implementing and managing preventative actions based on information received from customers (Section 8.5.3).

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