Business Process Modeling

Kneat Gx’s business process modeling system is a method for improving documentation using Kneat’s robust modeling framework. Put simply Kneat Gx aims to improve business performance by optimising the efficiency by connecting related documentation activities.

The traditional use of flat documentation in an organisation allows for decreased productivity and an increase in documentation management thus preventing less focus on core activities.

Kneat Gx removes this frustration by allowing the creation of intelligent documentation that resides in one secure location online unlike MS Word and Google Docs.

General Features

  • Dynamic Model Creation
  • Create Standardized Structure
  • Create Flexible Structure
  • Capture & Maintain Data & Relationships
  • Manufacturing Facility
  • Systems Lifecycle
  • Cloning of Models
  • Model and Replicate Entire Systems
  • Replicate Individual System Parts
  • Release System Parts as Needed
  • Life Cycle Documentation
  • Define Document Templates
  • Document Change Control
  • Define Structure From Documentation Perspective

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